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A day of cinema dedicated to pioneers and cultural adventures who have redefinedthemselves through creativity and music - curated by WUTI.

WUTI is an LA based community that celebrates independent cinema driven by women+@womenundertheinflunce

(outside the theater) Unariuns arrive in the “Space Cad”

4:00pm - 6.10pm
“WELCOME SPACE BROTHERS” (2023) 1hr 40 mins director: Jodi Wille
Followed by Q&A with director JODI WILLE, DANIEL NOAH of Spectrevision & SPECIALUNARIUN GUESTS moderated by ELIJAH WOOD

The Film: WELCOME SPACE BROTHERS unveils the true story of The Unarius Academyof Science, a long-running extraterrestrial-channeling spiritual school in El Cajon,California that in the late 1970s became a wildly prolific filmmaking and art collectiveunder the direction of outlandish spiritual leader, intergalactic auteur and visionaryfilmmaker Ruth E. Norman, a.k.a. “Archangel Uriel.”

6:30pm - 7.45pm
Followed by JOHN CARROLL KIRBY & MONEY MARK in conversation

The Film: A collection of short films, videos and rarities that pay tribute to the belovedcomposer’s career from his early work with Yellow Magic Orchestra, through his wildlydiverse solo material and collaborations with the likes of David Sylvian and TalkingHeads to his iconic soundtrack work. We explore the uncompromising genius and hisinfluence across genres, from hip hop and techno to acid house and ambient music.

8:00pm - 10.20pm
HARGROVE (2023) 1hr 47 mins director: ELIANE HENRI
Followed by director ELIANE HENRI in conversation.

The Film: HARGROVE, producer Erykah Badu, and musical icons including Questlove,Herbie Hancock explore the legacy of Jazz legend Roy Hargrove. The film chronicles hisfinal European tour, reflecting on his life, the creative spirit and the wisdom he hasimparted on young musicians and the scene at large.

10:30pm - 11:17pm
47 mins director Jean-Paul Goude

The Film: A ONE MAN SHOW: a rare opportunity to see the trailblazing concert film andvisual collage that captures Grace Jones’ wholly original performances from her tour ofthe same name in 1982. Disco, punk, art, fashion and gender are fused as Gracecommands the stage with her iconic "performance art of the nightclub.” 40 years on ithas lost none of its bite, and of course, every song is a classic. “Feeling like a woman,looking like a man, sounding like a no-no.”“PULL UP TO THE BALLROOM”- AFTER PARTY

11:00pm - 2:00am
DJ FiFi & Quinn Blake & Daisy O'Dell

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