In collaboration with LA’s museums, celebrated artists and rising stars, LA3C will feature interactive pieces, large-scale murals and one-of-a-kind sculpture that represent the limitless talent of the city and beyond.

Tiffany Alfonseca

Born in the Bronx in 1994, Tiffany Alfonseca has grown to use the power of painting and drawing to call attention to the beautiful complexities that enrich Afro-latinx culture and communities. She uses vibrant color and loud subjects forward to be used as a dialogue about womanism, colorism, class, race, and money.

Rogan Gregory

Rogan Gregory began his career in New York City and is now working with bronze and stone in its natural state to interpret his own chronicle of the evolutionary arms race. He uses three times-less substrates with the belief that one should experience the material in its natural state: not just by the appearance, but the feel and touch of these primordial surfaces when handled.

Amanda Ross Ho

Born Chicago in 1975, Amanda Ross-ho currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Her artwork has been exhibited worldwide, including multiple solo exhibitions one of which was at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 2012). She practices sculpture, painting, photography, and more where she explores the intersection of conception and consumption.

Patrick Martinez

Partick Martinez draws inspiration from Los Angeles’ surfaces. He expresses his ponderings through a diverse practice that includes mixed media landscape paintings, neon signs, cake paintings, and his Pee Chee series of appropriative works. His works serve to evoke place and socio-economic position, and further unearth sites of personal, civic and cultural loss.

Abi Polinsky

Abi Polinsky is a visual artist from California, now based in NYC with a background in fine art, commercial, and fashion photography. Abi clashes his figurative subjects with surrealist sets and backdrops to create images and moments that grab a viewer immediately. He has worked with brands and publications like YSL, Kenzo, Nylon Magazine, and Rolling Stone.

Edgar Ramirez

Edgar Ramirez lives and works in Los Angeles where he received his MFA in 2020. His work has been featured in the Chris Sharp Gallery and The Mistake Room in 2022 in Los Angeles. He also had a  residency at Quinn Emanuel Artists-in-Residence, Los Angeles, as well as a solo presentation at NADA, Miami with Chris Sharp Gallery, Los Angeles (2021).

Jacolby Satterwhite

Jacolby Satterwhite was born in 1986 in Columbia, South Carolina. He brings together vogueing, 3D animation, and drawing, in his videos that explore his own body and queerness. He also uses his videos to explore his mother’s identity, her schizophrenia, and the thousands of illustrations she made throughout his childhood.

For Freedoms

For Freedoms

For Freedoms is an artist collective that centers art and creativity as a catalyst for transformative connection and collective liberation.

Featured Artists at LA3C: Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Takaaki Okada, Claudia Pena, Kamal Sinclair, StopDiscriminAsian, and Women from California Federal Prison.

LACMA x Snap Chat Monumental Prospectives

Monumental Perspectives brings together artists and technologists to create virtual monuments that explore just some of the histories of Los Angeles communities in an effort to highlight perspectives from across the region.

Featured Artists at LA3C: Judith F. Baca, I.R. Bach, Mercedes Dorame, Glenn Kaino, Kang Seung Lee, Sandra de la Loza, and Ada Pinkston.